American City Quality News

The ACQ News is a quarterly newsletter featuring information on recent city planning issues, opportunities, results, director’s comments, career changes and comments. Directors and other colleagues are invited to submit 500 to 700 word articles describing their issues, opportunities and accomplishments or other editorial comments. Items are due the first of the month proceeding the last month of a quarter. Photographs and other appropriate graphics also are welcome.

Information Exchange Program

The Information Exchange Program is to promote the exchange of information among the nation’s city planning directors and colleagues and civic leaders. Periodic distribution of information includes recent news, plans, studies and reports prepared by the city planning director’s offices or other sources. City Planning Directors are encouraged to participate in this program by notifying the ACQF office and sending hard and/or e-mailing a copy.

American City Quality Month Program – every April

American City Quality Month program every April in conjunction with other public and private sponsors.


Meetings among city planning directors and other public and private officials on city quality issues.

Peer Reviews

ACQF members are available to contact peer reviews upon request. For more information, contact the ACQF office at 207-712-6333.

Projects to Improve City Quality

ACQF may provide or facilitate professional planning services for a variety of projects upon request. Projects may range from comprehensive or specific city or neighborhood plan preparation, review or implementation. This may include land use zoning ordinance reviews, planning process or administrative improvements, urban design / site plan reviews or management issue upgrades.

International Cooperation

ACQF members are available to participate in international exchanges to improve cities and regions around the world. For more information, please contact us.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our programs we encourage you to contact us at 207-712-6333 or via our Request Information Form.